Thursday, June 02, 2011

How Pug Was Created ~ The Introduction From The Book "More Adventures From The Beach"

This is the introduction from the second book in the Pug At The Beach book series,
More Adventures From The Beach.
Availability and purchasing info follows the introduction.


Long ago in a faraway land,
on a remote island at the end of a string of islands,
surrounded by warm, clear, turquoise green waters,
where pirates and carpenters with PhD’s live,
(each having reputedly escaped from a former life),
in a quaint little house on Petronia Street,
a small dog was born.

Through the imagination of a princess,
and a few quick strokes of a pen,
along with a pronouncement of his name,
~ “I think I’ll call him PUG!”~
a new life was created and a sage was born.

With the snout of a shark and a dorsal fin for an ear,
his collections of really nice surfing shorts was a natural accompaniment
to his striking and individualist manner.
And his Lama-like wisdom jived nicely with his Buffett style flair for play.

In the beginning he would lead her
into unknown worlds
where the paths to enlightenment
were rife with bramble bushes and one eyed giants.
Later, once she found her sea legs, it was she who led him
through the ABC’s of business books and spiritual leaders,
straight into the hands of you, dear reader.

In this book,
the second in the series of Pug books,
you will find magical worlds of
high flying hopes and dreams come true.
You will come to understand that
silk purses can be made from sow’s ears
and that the reality of windows and doors both open and close,
and close and open, usually when you least expect it
and certainly when you feel not at all prepared.
You will be encouraged to follow your dreams,
asked to consider the notion that you are good at more than just one thing,
and that perhaps your true calling lies just around the corner
just out of range of normal sight.

On a sandy white beach path lined with sea grapes,
where the scent of frangipani fills the air,
shaded from a little latitude sun,
sitting under a palm tree reading a book,
you’ll find your own escape.

At first, read Pug’s recipe for peace of mind and dreams come true.
Then, honor your individual needs by creating your own recipe
because that’s what Pug At The Beach is really about;
giving you hope and inspiration through the playful adventures
of a small island dog philosopher named Pug.

And always remember to…
Make it a beach day whatever that looks like for you.

Jackson Dunes
Delray Beach, Florida

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