Jackson Dunes 

I'm Jackson Dunes, writer, artist, and photographer.

I'm a "New Thought" writer. What's New Thought? Think the movie "The Secret" or Wayne Dyer. My Pug At The Beach book series offers a new way to share the dynamic philosophy that is New Thought. 

Pug is a small island dog who is part Dalai Lama and part Jimmy Buffett. Pug teaches us that all things are possible and that our dreams really can come true. Readers of all ages love Pug.

In addition to the Pug At The Beach books, I also write short stories and poetry. All of my work inspires and encourages people to live authentic lives. In 2008 I made my own dream come true by moving to south Florida to live "At The Beach."

I'm also learning ukulele. I play an electric Risa concert stick, a concert Flea, and a Harmony soprano. Beach Music Ukulele Jams is my other blog. In it I share some of my favorite uke related things.