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    The fact is your work has inspired me in my darkest of times, and that is such a GIFT to give to anyone! Gary and I are both still struggling to find jobs in this depressed economy, but you have given me such a boost with your "Pug At The Beach" book, that I do not find myself in a daily black hole, as I had been. Frankly, your book is WAY better than the antidepressants I have been on!!! Love and Blessings to you ever and always! ♥

    ~ Candace McCabe

    "I liked the life lessons Pug gave, because most of them were about
    embracing the simple things in life and how to have a good time."
    ~ Benjamin Gline (age 13)

    "Can't wait each day for a Pug moment. Since I've been "friended", dear Pug has helped me so much." ~ Pat Rothaus 

    "Pug At The Beach is a long, rolling wave with a sweet curl, a lanky heron skimming the surface, an evening bonfire in the dunes, and that lazy, deep warmth you feel after absorbing the sun and salt air all day. Pug pushes us forward and leads us astray all at once, with purpose, dignity and big love."  

    ~ Loretta Prescott, Kettle Boys Popcorn

    "I'm 45 years old and have been depressed most of my life. I've lost the ability to have fun and I read in your Pug At The Beach book that it's through having fun that we get to know ourselves and others. So, I got to thinking that I should try harder to get out of my bubble and have a little fun and I started to do that and it does me good. Your book was a Godsend. It made me smile. Pug is sort of a new friend in my life. Thank you."
    - Nathalie Brault, Book Eternity

    "These Pug At The Beach books are for anyone who needs a ‘pick me up’ or a reminder that they are alright just the way they are. Pug’s wisdom and philosophy are right in alignment with the cutting edge ideas of spirituality and science today. Pug is not a character you’ll ever forget."
    - REV. DR. ANN RONAN, Authentic Life Institute

    "My Dad was in the hospital. When we got the call on Saturday, I packed quickly and needed a jacket since it was raining. I took my Pug shirt and wore that on my ride. I thought it was fitting, since Pug is my new ‘feel good friend.’"
    - Diane Thibault

    "I have really enjoyed reading your book and meeting Pug too!!  I love the feel of your book, the paper, the stories, and the small pieces of quiet wisdom.  The thing about this book, is that it's not overbearing, it's a happy nudge about reflecting on what's good in life."
    - Jennifer Thompson, Monkey C Media

    "Getting to know Pug is something you’ll never forget. When I first read Pug I was immersed in a new definition of peace. Pug is not just a great read it’s a great relaxation exercise for your mind!”
- VALERIE MORGAN-HODGE, author of The Farmer’s Daughter