Friday, January 27, 2012

Jackson Dunes Photography

Photos of the beach available in many different formats.
It's all about inspiration. Many years ago when I was living in New Hampshire in a town that was a two hour drive away from the ocean, I was inspired by images of the beach that I found in magazines or online. When I finally moved down to a latitude little enough to have summertime temperatures all year, I started taking pictures.

At first, I took pictures because I was in awe of my wonderfully tropical environment. Then I started sharing those images because I knew there were people just like me who wanted to live the summertime dream but for one reason or another just couldn't. After that I posted them, at first on Facebook and then to RedBubble. 

RedBubble is a place where you can choose an image created by an artist and transform it into many different formats: prints, posters, canvas, get the idea. So, if you'd like to be inspired by images of the beach, take a moment and visit me "At The Beach." Just click on this link:

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