Monday, April 25, 2011

More Adventures From The Beach, The New Pug Book Is Here

The next in the series of Pug At The Beach books is now available on Amazon & Barnes & Noble.

Available now.

In this second in the Pug At The Beach book series, the island dog takes us on more adventures with a background of white beaches and turquoise blue water. He reveals to us the life lessons he learned while walking the beach everyday including: the importance of playing a little bit everyday, why we shouldn’t try to fit into the image other people have of us, honoring ourselves and our individuality through self reflection, how finding our voice through persistence leads us to our authentic selves, and that anything is possible. As Pug says, “Soar higher, farther, and freer than ever before” with this short, full color book of  tropical drawings combined with short verses of text. This innovative and thought provoking book is a whimsical yet philosophical look at life. Whether a kid or a kid at heart, readers of all ages have benefitted from Pug's simple wisdom and playful attitude.

Pug At The Beach. It's not about a breed. It's about a lifestyle. What do you get when you combine the mindful approach of the Dalai Lama, the playful attitude of Jimmy Buffett, and the turquoise blue waters of a tropical island? Why Pug At The Beach, of course! 
His name is Pug and he's a common dog with uncommon wisdom. He’s got a dorsal fin for an ear and a really nice collection of surfing shorts. His calm and wise insights combined with his playful attitude make for some very interesting adventures from his home at the beach.  

Nathalie Brault, Book Eternity
"I'm 45 years old and have been depressed most of my life. I've lost the ability to have fun and I read in your Pug At The Beach book that it's through having fun that we get to know ourselves and others. So, I got to thinking that I should try harder to get out of my bubble and have a little fun and I started to do that, and it does me good. Your book was a Godsend. It made me smile. Pug is sort of a new friend in my life. Thank you."

GeeGee Russell, Ocracoke Observer
"Pug isn't a breed of dog so much as a philosophy of life...he's also a little Zen and a beach aficionado. This is a cozy, quirky little book that has great thoughts on life and definite salt-air flair."
Ann Ronan, Authentic Life Institute
"These Pug At The Beach books are for anyone who needs a ‘pick me up’ or a reminder that they are alright just the way they are. Pug’s wisdom and philosophy are right in alignment with the cutting edge ideas of spirituality and science today. Pug is not a character you’ll ever forget."

More Adventures is available as an e-book.

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